AEM technical conferences in 2018

In the last years I attended a few conferences in the AEM space and I never got disappointed. On all of them I attended brilliant talks and presentation, meet with a lot of people and in general enjoyed well organized conferences.

In 2018 I will try again to visit at least one conference, and for convenience I collected here the AEM conferences I know. In case I missed one please leave a comment.
I ignore the local meetups here, because typically you won’t take a flight to attend such a meetup 🙂

In no particular order I found these conferences covering technical AEM topics in 2018:

  • Adobe Summit US (although it covers muuuuuuch more than just AEM) in Las Vegas, NV
  • Immerse 2018, a virtual conference
  • Evolve in San Diego, CA
  • AdaptTo in Potsdam, Germany; in 2018 at a larger venue than in the years before

At the moment I can already announce, that I will participate at the Adobe Summit (giving again a lab session). I am not sure if I will present at Immerse.

If you miss any conference with AEM related content, just speak up, I’ll add it to the list.

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    1. Hi Luc,

      I haven’t found any website indicating that it will be held this year again.


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