The future of CQ Healthcheck

A few days ago Sling Healthcheck 1.0 was released. My colleague Betrand Delacretaz intiated and pushed that project and he did a great job. And now there’s a monitoring solution where it belongs: In the sling framework, on Apache, with a much greater visibility my personal pet project would ever get. I don’t have the the possibility to spend much time on it, and in fact never wanted to run such a thing on my own. Fouding the CQ healthcheck project was necessary to push the topic “monitoring” and to make it visible. And now I am glad, that Betrand picked it up. I fully trust him that he will push it on the Sling side and also inside Adobe, so we can expect to see the healtcheck functionality in the next CQ release. And that’s exactly what I ever wanted to achieve: A usable and extensible monitoring solution available out of the box in CQ.

So, I think, that the mission of the CQ healthcheck project is over; so I will discontinue the development on github. I will leave the code there and you can still fork it and restart the development.

One thought on “The future of CQ Healthcheck

  1. I’m very happy that we’be been able to add the health check tool to Sling, as it’s a core feature in such a modular system. Thanks very much for publishing your CQ Healthcheck module, “stealing” some ideas from it has helped make the Sling tool what it is.

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