Meta: upcoming events 2012

A new posting with some topics, where I don’t tell you something about CQ 5.5, but about some upcoming events. These might be relevant for you, because they both are about CQ5.

First, there is the adaptTo() conference in Berlin, Germany from September 26th to 28th. Last year there this conference was a huge success, and I got very positive feedback from colleagues and coworkers about it. Some people from CQ5 engineering will be attending this 3-day conference as well, so expect cool technical topics and a lot of QA sessions (official and unofficial ones). As usual the get-together will be most interesting part. So if you are working in the CQ5 business and you are interested in more technical topics: this is the event especially for you!
Sadly I cannot make it this year, because my schedule is too tight.

And as a second event there is “Evolve12” in San Diego, California (from Oct 15th to 17th). As this conference is the first one, I don’t have too much information about its character, but having Kevin Cochrane and David Nüscheler on the list of speakers, this will be a little bit more strategic and marketing oriented 🙂 Although 2 of the 3 tracks claim to be technical … well, let’s see.
This event is accompanied by a special request on the google groups list (which is btw a must for every CQ5 developer, check Everybody should nominate her personal “TOP CQ Google Group Contributor”, and I encourage you to do so.
Currently I don’t plan to attend this conference as well, as it would mean to be at least a week off (and again, my work schedule is tight). But let’s see…

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  1. As 3-Share is the host of Evolve 12, not only should it be a lot of fun, but the technical portions should be good as well. They have a few Archs that have been doing CQ for around a decade now. I wish I could go too!

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