Adding JMX-support

CQ5 (even in its latest incarnation CQ 5.4) has a rather poor support for monitoring. If you take a look at the system via the popular “jconsole” tool, you don’t get any useful mbeans, which can tell you anything about the system. Only some logging stuff.

If you decide to instrument your code and provide some information via JMX (that’s something I would recommend to everyone, who adds non-trivial services to CQ5), have a look at Apache Aries, especially at the JMX whiteboard. Deploy this bundle to your CQ5 and then just register your mbeans as services. Voila, that’s it. You don’t need to register and unregister your mbeans, as this is handled by the JMX whiteboard.

Sadly documentation is currently rather poor, but the sourcode isn’t that hard to understand. You can start with the initial patch in the Aries issue tracking.