CQ 5.4: New features for sysadmins

Today the release announcement of CQ 5.4 has been published. I collected some changes since CQ 5.3, which are intersting to all of you guys, who will be involved in operating it.

  • CRX 2.2 supports the shared-nothing clustering.
  • CRXDE light is no longer a dedicated web application, but is included into the CRX webapp.
  • The CQSE serverctl script has been cleaned and simplified; so the description in “Bootstrapping the Java process” does no longer apply. Most of all the “serverctl psmon” process is gone now.
  • Since CRX 2.1 it is possible to perform a backup to a directory, not only to a ZIP file. This offers some more space for optimization. Expect a follow-up article on this.
  • The CRX Quickstart requires you to have a “ulimit -n” (number of open files) of at least 8192. It will probably affect your unpack run, but neither CQSE nor CQ5 itself does enforce it then …
  • It is still possible to build CQ5 custom images
  • CQ 5.4 offers an enhanced replication: There are these new options to a replication agent (on the “Trigger” tab): “no status update” and  “no versioning”. Let’s try to build a shadow copy of an author instance!

That’s for the moment. Have fun with CQ 5.4!

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