Adobe Summit 2019 — my session summary

This year I was not able to attend the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, but as many recordings are online available, I want to give you a short list of sessions I would have liked to attend.

Adobe Experience Manager Rock Star: The top tips are here” by Kaushal Mall and Darin Kuntze. Of course the most important session for the AEM community 🙂 Thanks to all presenters and congratulations to Marc!

Content strategy and architecture — The infrastructure behind the interface” by Elise Hahn. Elise highlights the importance of content architecture as part of the content strategy of an organization. Not a technical topic in the first place, but she points out that the content strategy always impacts the work of the engineering teams (even if you are not aware of it). Highly recommend content, also for technical folks.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top Innovations” by Haresh Kumar & Cedric Hüsler. Cedric presents the top features of the new AEM 6.5 version. As usual a very informative and funny session, but not the usual “top 10 new features”. This year less seems to be more 🙂

Meet Dexter: The World-Clas Experience Manager Implementation of” by Audumber Ramesh, Lukas Ryf & Chris Millar. Chris shows how they removed the engineering group from the “we need a new component” discussions and let the design agencies directly talk to authors. As followup Chris also posted how they built their dialogs.

And of course there are lot of more gems in these sessions, but I did have not enough time to watch them all (yet). You can find all sessions at (use the search function at the bottom of the page).