Meta: I am on Summit 2015 in Salt Lake City

It’s always hard as a techie to get to a customer conference (especially to high-profile one); even as Adobe employee it is hard to justify when you go to the Adobe Summit. But with the support of some co-workers I made it. I am very proud to present on the Adobe Summit this year in Salt Lake City.

I will have a (hands-on) lab session called “Silver bullets for dobe Experience Manager success“. It will cover some aspects how you can use existing and well-known features of the AEM technology stack to get the most out of AEM. When you are an AEM expert I won’t tell you any news, but maybe give you some inspiration and ideas. But don’t be too late for registration, the 3 slots I have are filling quickly.

I am really looking forward to it and I hope to meet many of my readers there. Just drop me a note if you want to meet with me in person.