CQ5 healthcheck: backport for CQ 5.4

I learned, that there a quite a number of projects out there, which are (still?) bound to CQ 5.4 and cannot move forward to a newer version right now. For these I created a backport of the healthcheck version 1.0, which works reasonable well on my personal instance of CQ 5.4. You can find the code on github in the release-1.0-cq54 branch, but I don’t provide a compiled binary version.

The main changes to the master branch:

  • I backported the 1.0 branch, not master. Currently the changes aren’t that hard, so you can maintain a branch “master-cq54” on your own.
  • Adjusted pom files; no code changes required due to this, but only
  • The PropertiesUtil class is not there, but you can replace 1:1 with the OsgiUtil class available in CQ 5.4
  • use “sling:OsgiConfig” nodes instead of nt:files nodes with the extension “.config” (the later is available on CQ 5.5 and later)
  • CQ 5.4 does not support sub-folders within the config folder, you need to put all config nodes there.

And of course the biggest limitation:

  • For replication there is no ootb JMX support, therefor I dropped the respective config nodes.
  • If you want to contribute support for this feature, you’re welcome 🙂

So have fun with it.