CQ5 healthcheck version 1.0

My colleague Alex already disclosed it already in early December, but it was still not ready. But in the meantime I think, that it’s actual time to release it.

So here it is: The CQ5 health check. A small and easy to understand framework to monitor the status of your CQ5 instance. It’s main features are

  •    Usable out of the box.
  •    All MBeans can be monitored just by configuration
  •    Extendable by simple OSGI services
  •    Features an extended status page as well as a machine interface for automatic monitoring

And the best: the source is freely available on Github; a package ready for installation is available on Packageshare , and the installation is very easy:

  1.    Download and install the package from package share
  2.    Goto http://<your-instance&gt;:4502/content/statuspage.html
  3.    Enjoy

So feel free to download it,install it, fork it, extend it. The code is licensed under Apache License, so you don’t have to disclose your extensions and modifications at all. But I love to get contributions back 🙂

So, currently the most useful informations are stored in the README file, but I hope that I can move this information over to the project wiki. This is just the announcement; I plan to add some posts to this blog how you can write your own health checks (which isn’t hard by the way).

Enjoy your new toy, and I love to get feedback from you, either here on the blog, via twitter (@joerghoh) or in geek-style via pull-requests.

And many thanks to Alex Saar and Markus Haack for they support and contributions.

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