Meta: adaptTo, CQ Blueprints

Last week the adaptTo  event happened in Berlin/Germany, which was a smaller conference related to Apache Sling, Jackrabbit and also CQ5 (or WEM, how it’s called now in Adobish). Sadly I wasn’t able to attend for family reasons, but you can download all slides on the website of pro!vision, sponsor of that conference. I especially like the presentation by Jukka (Jackrabbit/CRX performance tuning), as he shows many design principles of Jackrabbit, which have an influence on performance. And every developer and application designer working with sling should have a look at the presentation by Achim Schermuly-Koch, as he covers a very interesting security and also performance pattern, which affects many sites.

Another intesting site I recently fell about is CQ Blueprints, which has the claim to collect best practices for CQ 5.2 till CQ 5.4; I browsed through and found some interesting ideas, but also some tips, which are not “best practices” in my opinion. Haven’t found the time to write constructive comments there.

A short outlook: I plan to write short posts about “init scripts for CQ5” and “dispatcher invalidation”. The latter topic is rather intesting, as I recently adviced several people to bypass the regular invalidation, while in the last years there was never a need to do so. So, stay tuned.