CQ and multi-client capability

In large companies there’s a need for a WCMS like Day CQ in many areas; of course for the company webpage, but also for some divisions offering services to internal or external customers, which either implement their application on top of Day CQ, use CQ as a proxy for other backend systems or just need a system for providing the online help.

Some of these systems are rather small, but nevertheless the business needs a system, where authors can create and modify content according to the business’ needs. If you already have CQ and knowledge in creating and operating applications, it’s quite natural to use it to satisfy these needs. The problem is, that building up and operating a CQ environment isn’t cheap for only one application. Very often one asks if CQ is capable of hosting several application within one CQ installation to leverage effets of scale. CQ is able to handle hundreds of thousands of content handles per instance, so it’s able to host 5 applications with 20 thousands handles each, isn’t it?

Well, that’s a good question. By design CQ is able to host multiple applications, enfore content separation by the ACL concept and limit the access to templates for users. Sounds good. But — as always — there are problematic details.

I will cover these problems and ways to their resolution in the next posts.