Tip: Compiling all templates

In some use-cases it’s very usefull to compile all templates without too much effort. So when you updated the templates need to have all templates compiled before going online. Or as a short test to find out if your JSP files compile properly. In that case you can use the following one-liner:

perl -ane '$templates{$F[2]}=$F[3]; END{foreach $k (keys %templates) { print "/usr/bin/curl -o /dev/null -s localhost:7042$templates{$k}.html\n";}}' < default.map | sh

This uses your default.map to find a valid handle for each templates and constructs a curl call, which is then executed by the shell. I haven’t yet checked the CRX structures for an aquivalent of the default.map to make it also work on CRX-based installations.